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Marco Tansini's musical career began at the age of 12 when on a friend's guitar he learned the few chords which were used to write his first songs.

He made lightening progress and at the age of only 14, he signed a contract with Ricordi (a well-known Italian record company) giving life to his long and successful career.

Born in Codogno (near Milan, northern Italy), composer, producer, arranger and guitarist,  Marco began by entering some of the most famous recording studios to produce his first demo tape without today's technology, where he was required to play the piano, hammond organ, bass and drums, as well as having to sing all by himself. For him that intense experience was an important lesson which later on would prove to be very useful.

After seven years of collaborating with established artists, who allowed him to learn the basics and know the rules as well as the weaknesses of the record industry, Marco formed a Jazz-Blues band.

At the age of 21 he recorded Street Time as a guitarist and author with the Delta Blues Band. This was one of the first records released by Red Record, the most important Italian jazz label.

It was the first of over 50 albums and more than 300 of his pieces  are published worldwide today.

In 1979 he started working with American producer Freddie Petrus, with whom  he ran a number of Black music projects, as a writer and arranger, and some of them, such as Midnight Gang and BBQ Band, reached the top of the charts

During the Eighties he had a leading role on the Italian and European music scene, putting together a series of successful albums written for many Italian and foreign artists. He wrote and produced Dance and Pop tracks which climbed the charts, taking part in seven editions of the Festival of San Remo.

Furthermore, he produced albums for CBS, EMI, Warner, BMG, Virgin, Ricordi, Sony and Capitol (it would be impossible to list the full index of albums and artists).

Marco expressed his talent through a variety of musical genres, from Jazz to Rock, from New Age to Pop. He wrote movie scores, advertising scores for corporations, composed music for  the Theatre and Contemporary Opera.

In 1984 with two associates he founded the Morning Studios, which until the late '90s was the most important Italian recording studio.

In 1987 he opened his own studio, now Pacific Studio, and with his wife Simona – an American singer and established author -, he recorded the album of their group “Shanatoa” for Ricordi International.

In the Nineties Marco began to slowly break away from Pop music production. He wrote and completed "Ecomusic",  an innovative and refined work that is a journey through the fusion of Modern Jazz and New Age which was re-released by several record companies for nearly twenty years.

In parallel to his constant activity as a producer, Marco resumed his love for the guitar and the Blues. Thus his first instrumental work as a guitarist came about: "American Places" published in 2001 . From there, he started over to perform live concerts with the new group Blueville.

From 2003 to 2008 Marco Tansini realized/completed several new projects, including an album of experimental music with sounds of nature, House and Rock music that will be released next year and two CDs of Italian artists. He also follows many young artists and contributes to their growth, an activity which always sees him in the forefront, capitalizing on his experience as a Talent Scout.

As a producer, songwriter and guitarist he also published new albums in 2010 and 2011 for the international music market: Blueville "Butterfly Blues"; Mario Percudani "New Day"; the "Woodstock Flowers"album; "Dark Riders" for the Californian singer-songwriter David Stockdale and last but not least his second solo album"Blues Garage" that is entirely devoted to Modern Blues.

In addition to his work in Pacific Studio, Marco formed a new band, "Big Sur", with whom he performed a series of concerts playing West Coast music, one of his deepest musical passions.

He says: "I have frequently been asked which of my many activities in music I feel I identify with most and which represent me most. I can say that writing songs and playing my guitar have always been my home, but ultimately I think the words that best define me are Music Maker."



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